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== Bible Beliefs Database Project ==
 1. Add the connection to the Data Connections in Server Explorer
 1. Add a data set item to the project. This is a nice gui place to create the data set. Drag and drop the tables on the page and you will build yourself a nice database diagram similar to what you would do in Visio.
 1. Next I added a DataGridView Object, bound it to the TopicTextViewOrdered and changed the column type to DataGridViewLinkColumn.
  1. Note the contextMenuStrip should be where we click to add a new belief possibly
  1. Turned TrackVisitedState to false.
  1. A BindingSource component is added at the bottom. Change the Sort Property to: TopicText ASC
 1. Double Clicked on DGV object to create a CellContentClick event handler. To start with I'll just do a MessageBox as shown in Section 1 of the code below
 1. Added another TableAdaptor for beliefs, as well as a BindingSource and BindingNavigator
  1. Have the TableAdaptor Fill the bibleDB [[DataSet|DataSet in on form load.]]
  1. Section 1 shows that we also will filter this binding source with the topic key.
 1. We then added a web browser control and a button to retrieve a verse from biblegateway.com
 1. NEXT: Make sure that data is persisted in the database.
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//Section 1: Accessing the selected value
if (Utilities.IsANonHeaderLinkCell(()sender, e))
    int topicKey = (int)dgvTopics.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[0].Value;
    this.beliefsBindingSource.Filter = "TopicKey = " + topicKey;
 * scot/BibleBeliefsProject
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//Section 2: Utility Function used in Section 1
public static bool IsANonHeaderLinkCell(DataGridView dgv, DataGridViewCellEventArgs cellEvent)
    if (dgv.Columns[cellEvent.ColumnIndex] is DataGridViewLinkColumn && cellEvent.RowIndex != -1)
    { return true; }
    else { return false; }

//Section 3: Added to MainForm_Load to sort grid
this.dgvTopics.Sort(dgvTopics.Columns[1], ListSortDirection.Ascending);

//Section 4: filter verses based on belief row that is currently displayed - not easy to find!

private void txtBeliefsText_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //How to get other fields in the row currently displaying a field in a bound TextBox
    int newBeliefKey = (int)((DataRowView)beliefsBindingSource.Current).Row["BeliefKey"];
    this.versesBindingSource.Filter = "BeliefKey = " + newBeliefKey;

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